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3 things to take away from the streets of Copenhagen

Whereas a lot of the fashion week street styles now seem to evolve mainly around borrowed designer dresses and Gucci mules, the ladies in Copenhagen are always worth looking at for some wardrobe inspiration.

The looks are creative, fashionable and easy enough to be copied for everyday life. Whilst we're expecting a short heatwave over the next days and the ladies in Copenhagen had to keep warm in coats, it gives you lovely ideas for that annoying in between weather in autumn. And it makes me a little less scared about the upcoming cold season. 

Apart from yellow bags, there were three things I liked most about the Copenhagen style and none of them will surprise you. 

1. Colours

The minimalist Danes sported colours and prints, more understated than you would see it on the streets of Milan of course but that is exactly why it would translate so beautifully into an autumn wardrobe.

2. Big Earrings

Luckily those are not going anywhere yet and as you can see in the header - the bigger the better.

3. Oversized

Just like the earrings the clothes come oversized too. Wide trousers, robes or shirts. My favourite is the big white jumpsuit paired with some red Converse shoes. 

Have a look below and get some ideas for your autumn wardrobe. Especially since autumn seems to be all year round now.

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All images are by Sandra Semburg