Beauty // For more glitter on our faces

Glitter is back. I know I know, we've seen plenty of it on shoes lately, but on the face? I don't think so. That might have to do with the bad reputation face glitter has once we grow out of the phase where we think that glittery butterflies all over our faces are the epitome of cool and chic. I have never quite grown out of that phase and therefor it only makes sense that I make a case here for more face glitter on the streets.

Of course it partly deserves its bad reputation. Oftentimes it looks tacky and downright ridiculous (see the Bondi Bather show apart from that one example I dug out for you, that looks quite fun). Akira though sent models down the runway that show us how to do it in a feminine and classy way. I can see that the overall sequin look is only for the brave but highlighting just the eyebrows somehow really works. Especially when the sequins pick up the colour of the outfit. Or maybe as a highlight to a normcore outfit. The statement brow instead of the statement bag. Think of all the money you could save. An obvious downside would have to be comfort though. I haven't tried this yet of course but sequins in your face, and especially 'round the eyes, do look slightly uncomfortable.

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All images: Getty Images