Outfit // Denim Dress

I tend not to wear jeans, even though I like the look of them. I just don't find them very comfy and not very flattering on me. But this denim dress is actually a great alternative. 

I found it when browsing in Liberty in their young designer section, it's well worth a visit with lots of designers I hadn't heard of before and some amazing pieces. This denim dress by SJYP (a young Korean brand whose designer studied at CSM in London) also came as a top and I could have happily taken them both. I did, however, see that the brand is much much cheaper on Shopbop, it's nearly half of what it was in Liberty and even with tax added it should still make a significant difference. Too late for me but not for you... The bag I found in Hamburg when I came across an interior sample sale but I thought it'd make the perfect handbag. It's just a bit awkward to open and it's definitely one you want to keep tidy as otherwise it might just all fall out. 

Dress: SJYP, Turtle Neck: Uniqlo, Shoes: Prada, Bag: No Name