Get the "no make up" look.

I am not one of those who gladly leave the house without any make up. But I like to pretend I am... And what I am good at though, is leaving the house looking like I am not wearing any make up. (Mohaha) I will show you my routine on how to get the "no make up look" in a few easy steps. 

By Annie

Tinted Moisturizer

To achieve a fresh and glowy skin I think it is important to start of with a good moisturiser. This one from Laura Mercier gives the skin a healthy "no makeup look" with a soft hint of colour. 

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Ss12Gurw029009698 Nocolour


I tried a bunch of concealers over the years and this one manages to cover the blue rings under my eyes, but still looks natural and fresh. It's also organic which is a big plus for me. 

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W3Ll People Narcissist Foundation Concealer Stick Z

Brow Gel

This brow gel manicures your eyebrows perfectly and also leaves a little bit of colour on them. Not too much, as that is always what I want to achieve. 

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This highlighter gives you a nice, natural glow. I use this under my eyebrows and on my cheekbones.

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Creme Blush

I prefer creme blush over powder ones because I think the creme blush gives you a more natural result. As a little tip, I blend my blush in with some coconut oil (you can also use your moisturiser) to create an even more "glowy, fresh look".

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If I feel very tired in the morning, I think lipstick always helps (a natural looking one, not a strong red one... Not ready for a party early in the morning). It gives your face this extra pop that makes you look healthy and fresh. Voila! You achieved the "no makeup look"! 

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