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Getting dressed in times of an ever expanding waistline

You might have already spotted the human growing inside me on Instagram and now that getting dressed seems more and more challenging, I thought it'd be a good idea to announce our happy news here as well. 

I'm about six months pregnant now and over the past two weeks my belly seems to have exploded, I'm not sure it can continue growing at that rate until May. Not if I still want to be able to walk on my two feet. I found getting dressed a challenge at all stages so far actually, although I do love my growing bump. The first few months (where a day feels like a week) I found it way too much of an ask to wear anything but my pyjamas due to constant nausea and a tiredness I had never experienced before. And according to everyone who knows me I am an expert at being tired. Once that eased off a little, I still had to/wanted to keep it a secret at work so I had to choose clothes that wouldn't show too much, which weren't necessarily the clothes I wanted to wear that day. And now that I am very visibly two people, I look longingly at my high waisted skirts and culottes every morning, all of which won't even close half way anymore. I actually always thought it'd be really fun to get dressed with a bump, and sometimes it totally is, but if you're trying not to buy too many new things, you suddenly are very limited in your sartorial choices. I did invest in a few maternity things but most of them are not very nice (if you don't want to spend too much, I'd probably only look at ASOS). So I bought three stretchy non-maternity turtle neck dresses in the winter sale that I will probably now live in. I think the key to maternity dressing, at least for me, is to accessorise to still make the looks feel like you. For me, it'll be big earrings, lipsticks and headbands. Let's see how well that'll work out. 

For this outfit I'm actually a walking maternity cliché in dungarees and a stripey top. But it feels like me with the combination of the boots and vintage earrings. I found the dungarees on sale in Zara, they were £10 and I'm really hoping they'll fit me for a while. The top is actually an ASOS maternity one and was on sale when I bought it but no longer seems to be. The boots are from Acne and the lipstick is by NARS

And though I'm pregnant and it will obviously play a part on the blog, this will not turn into a maternity/mummy website, don't worry.We'll stick with pretty clothes for now.