Home Wishlist // Succulents

I wonder if I only like succulents as much because I always forget to water plants and so my subconscious makes me think that I love them. Just to protect me. And the plants. Anything more high maintenance would sooner or later (definitely sooner) die.

But the explanation is probably that nothing says heat and summer quite like these plants and coming out of a long winter, they are the only two words I want to hear at the moment. I'd love a big one just like in that first image but I also love the idea of lots of little ones in terracotta pots. I've collected my small succulent inspiration below. Now I only have to think about how to get that big one home on the London tube without injuring me or someone else. Although it'd actually make a great weapon in rush hour. Maybe I'll buy one just to carry it as a kind of succulent sword.


All images: Pinterest