How to put a creative twist on boring office attire

When I was a child I couldn't think of anything better than to be a career woman in an office and dress in high heels and pencil skirts every day. Today, as a semi-adult, I'm so glad I can mostly wear whatever I want.

Clothes are so important as an expression of personality to me that I would struggle with very strict rules on what to wear. As much as on some days, when I can't be bothered to get dressed, I wish I could just slip into a uniform, I struggle with the thought of fitting right in to the corporate mass every day, unable to match my clothes to my mood that day. A friend of mine recently started to work in a corporate office environment and also struggles with not being able to express her creative personality through clothes anymore, so for her, and everyone else in a similar situation, I put together some inspiration.Have a look below at how to tweak a strict dress code slightly to make it more individual and a lot less boring. The devil's in the detail, as per usual.

The (white) shirt

White shirts have always been, and will always be, a great office staple. By wearing a less traditional one, the whole look becomes more creative and modern. Details such as a longer back or oversized sleeves are great.


Colour combinations

It's easy to get into the habit of just wearing white, black and grey but actually, light blue and mustard look amazing together and sill understated enough for work.

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White layers

An all white (or off-white) outfit works in offices too. It'll become more interesting by adding layers and some width.


Black & White

Or navy & white looks more modern with wide high-wasted trousers, a great silk shirt and rolled-up sleeves.


Skirt over dress

Instead of just tucking a shirt into a skirt, layer a shirt dress underneath. Wrap or pencil skirts are great for this, just make sure the dress is long enough to be visible underneath the skirt.


Belt it

Wear a waist belt around your blazer to make it more interesting, it forms a nice silhouette too.


Dress over trousers

Works in an office environment too if the colours match and there is not too much going on on the dress.



Wear your boyfriend's shirt and take the cuff links out to give it supersized sleeves (an affordable version to get the Ellery look too). Or wear a conservative outfit like trousers with a cardigan but make it fresh by wearing it all a few sizes up.


Images: and Pinterest