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Interior Love: Acrylic Glass Collection from Bleu Nature

Driftwood probably isn't something that most people would give a second look, let alone furnish their home with. Frank Lefebvre though fell in love with its raw natural beauty, founded Bleu Nature, and has been designing incredible furniture incorporating driftwood for 20 years now.

Every year Frank and his team comb beaches all around the world and preserve the wood they collected until they give it a second life as a side table or a lamp. I was really surprised to hear that the wood needs no further processing because apparently the water has frozen them in time forever, which sounds fascinating. But things always do when you haven't got a clue what they mean.

What I do know though is that the interaction of completely different materials is always a good idea. Silk and suede, velvet and leather or glass and wood. Bleu Nature has mastered that. My favourite is their acrylic glass collection which you will see in the images. The beauty of the wood pieces being trapped in the glass as if they were back in frozen water has completely won me over. Of course I can only admire these on the screen as their price tags are not quite as convincing to me as their designs. But maybe one day I will be putting my glass of wine down on one of the side tables. A girl can dream.


All images: Bleu Nature