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Life Update // Babies and Weddings

Annie and I have both suddenly gone MIA but we were actually both just busy jumping right into grown up life.

Annie definitely more so than me, she gave birth to her daughter Luna on June 14th and I'm sure she will tell you about that at some point. At the moment though she is on maternity leave and busy getting to know Luna and life as a threesome.

I also got closer to becoming a proper grown up by getting married last Sunday and the days before were very full. Probably due to the fact that I'm a last minute person and because we needed to pack everything. I hate packing. The wedding was also the only thing I could and wanted to think about for the week before so normal life, and the blog, suffered a little. We got married in Italy and arrived a few days before so our families could meet for the first time in Lucca (they live in different countries) and we also needed to go to the local council to confirm it was actually us getting married. I will tell you more about our wedding very soon. Now I'm back in normal life and though I wouldn't say I've got wedding blues, I definitely don't know what to do with all the extra time on my hands now. For the first time since forever I feel bored. But I also don't want to do anything constructive. My Pinterest is dead to me now as it is full of wedding stuff and I am definitely not in the mood to look at wedding inspiration anymore. So, I'm off to find a new hobby. One that doesn't cost much, weddings really are as expensive as everyone says. 

All the images are by Eli Ohren, who I could not recommend highly enough as a wedding photographer!

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