Jas01 Kopie

Minimalist // Maximalist in the stripey dress

Stripes always work. Sunshine or rain, winter or summer, pregnant or not.

This maxi dress by J. Crew is a particularly pretty member of the stripes family and though it's not a maternity dress, it fitted over Annie's belly perfectly. Thank god for stretch. Whilst Annie wore hers with some Adidas sneakers, I put a curtain over mine. It is actually a wrap skirt (the kind that is really great to wear on windy days) but I wanted to show more of the dress underneath so I made the skirt it into a friendly open curtain by holding it in place. Really practical for daily life but I'm sure you could pin it back. I found the skirt on eBay a while ago and every time I wear it I decide that I need to exchange those ugly faded buttons for new shiny ones but once it gets to actually doing it, my enthusiasm looks even more faded than those buttons. I put 7-year-old sandals from Zara on my feet that I wear every summer and somehow they still haven't fallen apart. Probably because summer is very short over here and you can count sandal weather on two hands, four if you're lucky. Still no pedicure, no time - I had to catch up on the whole first season of Billions, so excuse the bare toe nails but I'm sure you'll understand my priorities.

Dress: J.Crew, Annie's shoes: Adidas, Jasmin's shoes: Zara (ooold), Jasmin's skirt: Vintage, Jasmin's bracelet: Whistles