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Mission: Getting the body ready for spring

Every winter I commit the same error, which is, apart from shaving, the total neglect of my body. My legs will only see body lotion if they get so itchy that it starts to annoy me. The rest will likely not get any moisturising. It is shameful. So come spring I desperately try to compensate what I have done to my body during those long Winter months. I call it Mission Spring Body and that mission starts now.

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HYDRÉA LONDON Olive Wood Body Brush

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Body Brushing

Firstly I will start dry body brushing again. It only takes 5 minutes but in the dark winter I just can't be bothered to get up even a minute earlier than necessary. The advantages of body brushing are numerous. It increases the circulation to the skin which is said to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It encourages cell renewal, which results in smoother and brighter skin and apparently helps with a more even distribution of fat deposits. A Model Recommends did a great video about how to brush your body the right way. She uses the body brush by Elemis, I use the one in the image that I bought in Liberty, both of them are great. Just make sure to get one with a removable handle. I would definitely recommend watching the video before starting, you will find it here:



Even though the body brushing already exfoliates the skin, I usually exfoliate it once a week (okay okay, once every 2 weeks if I remember) with a selfmade body scrub. I found the recipe for it in an interview with Cate Blanchett and because that woman can do no wrong, I figured I needed to try that one too. I like to believe that she actually makes her own body scrub even though she could buy all the scrubs in the world. She makes it by mixing olive oil with juice from a fresh grapefruit and sea salt. Very easy, I love the smell of it and the olive oil makes the skin super soft. I always apply it in the shower so it doesn't get too messy.

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Obviously hydration is key for beautiful and plump looking skin. Because I have not done much moisturising this winter I will start with the rich Shea Butter Body Cream from L'Occitane which smells incredible and is perfect for very dry skin. Once my skin has recovered from the dehydration, I usually switch to Nivea Q10 Body Firming lotion (get it here) which I love but the downside is it does not look very pretty on the shelf. Nothing compared to a lovely Aesop packaging. But it's also a lot cheaper and it works perfectly and smells nice. I sometimes still use the L'Occitane body cream for typically dry regions still, like knees and elbows. For a nice fashion editorial like shine, apply some baby oil to the legs before leaving the house. And one more tip for super soft legs, I always use a man's razor, it works so much better. Now all I need is a pedicure and some (a lot!) of exercise and I'm ready to show my legs.

Images: Valentino, Liberty, Pinterest, L'Occitane