Outfit // Coin Belt

Let me start by apologising for the quality of these images. I realised I have not been very generous with showing my outfits lately and asked my husband to snap a quick image with very questionable natural light.

But I guess you can still kind of see what the outfit consists of. Not much luckily, I love this late round of summer. I found the coin belt at a market in Bangkok, even though it looks more like from a Moroccan market actually, and love to wear it with more minimalist pieces like this shift dress. It'd be the perfect accessory to take a rather simple outfit from office to pub/party/cinema. 

Over on Instagram you can also see how this belt is not only picturesque, it can also transform anyone into a human music instrument and/or belly dancer in no time at all.

Dress: Whyred, Longsleeve: Cos, Shoes: Jeffrey Campell, Belt: Market in Bangkok, Face: Hungover