Outfit // Ganni Stripes

If summer is not what it's supposed to be and you're longingly looking at your summer dresses rotting away in your wardrobe, we have a solution for you.

Actually, we got the idea from Celine. Do you remember when we found four ideas to steal from their beautiful Pre Fall look book? Layering trousers under long-ish dresses was one of them. I paired my Ganni dress with my beloved Weekday trousers but that will sadly have been the last time I did as they ripped across my bum at the weekend. Luckily it happened in my living room with only my husband to laugh at me. Because the dress and trousers are quite big and tenty I used a Zara scarf as a belt and put on heels. 

Dress: Ganni, Trousers: Weekday, Shoes: Balenciaga, Belt/Scarf: Zara