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Outfit // Goalkeeper

Recently I have discovered that I do in fact have a sporty side, so it just seemed appropriate to take images in a football goal.

I've never been one to exercise a lot, and even now I'm not exactly an athlete, but I go to classes (my favourites are circuits) a few times a week. I'm now even at the point where I actually want to move so I plan to go swimming or play tennis at the weekend. I always heard people talk about that but I figured it must be a myth. Something you might experience if you were born with some kind of sports gen that I am missing.  And whereas before I'd go to a restorative yoga class and give myself a pat on the back after for 'exercising', I now am unhappy if I feel like the class wasn't tiring enough. It's weird. I like this new and improved me though and hope she'll stay around for a while.The gym isn't expensive enough to make me feel bad if I don't go so I need to concentrate on non-monetary motivators like having more energy and feeling a lot happier. To celebrate my new happy-go-lucky self I put on my favourite pom pom shoes and my new one-shoulder top by H&M that makes me feel very Grecian and is a nice alternative to off-the-shoulder tops. Though I have to admit that it would really benefit from a tan. I liked the top so much I bought it in white too, I just need to find the right bra to go with it as without one it's very #freethenipple. 

Top: H&M, Skirt: Vintage Bernd Berger (stolen from my mum), scarf worn as belt: Vintage Givenchy, Shoes: Asos

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