Outfit // Layers and Glitter

I'm not sure why I always do this with my left hand, it's on every single image. It's like I'm giving someone a secret sign.

If I am, I don't know anything about it sadly. I actually even tried to avoid doing something silly with my hand this time but I guess I just need to let my hand do what it wants to do. Maybe it's imitating the big round cheeses behind me. 

I wore this outfit when I met a few friends for dinner Wednesday night after work. I wore the shirt and trousers with different shoes at work and then threw over the one shoulder dress and glitter shoes after to feel more like me. The glitter shoes, though flat, are the most uncomfortable shoes I own by a long way. And I own many uncomfortable shoes. Luckily I had other shoes with me and changed into them pretty quickly. I just can't give up on them yet, they are my childhood shoe dream come true, especially paired with frilly trousers. I mean look at them, they are so glittery. 

Dress: Acne Studios, Shirt: H&M Men, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Topshop