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Outfit // Pyjama Robe

I don't think I've worn jeans in about five years and I'm not sure I ever wore skinny jeans before being pregnant. 

But they are just such an easy way out. I have yet to find a nice skirt or culottes that I can wear with the bump and so on days I am not in the mood for dresses, the skinny jeans are perfect. Plus they are maternity ones with an over the bump band and very very comfy. They came in especially handy over Christmas and I might keep them to go for big dinners out once I'm no longer sharing my belly with another human. Putting the robe on top makes the outfit feel a bit more like me and I think you might see more of it over the next few months. 

Robe: Marjolaine, Top: Asos Maternity, Jeans:Asos Maternity, Ankle Boots: Brunate

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