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Outfit // Scallops

As the weather is still very temperamental, we'd call it April weather in Germany, but I still want to wear my summer dresses, I am now willing to compromise and layer up.

I found the A.P.C dress when I was on my way out of Liberty (to check out the shoe sale) and just quickly glanced in the direction of the sale dresses rag. I've had my eye on it since featuring in the selection of dresses to wear to a summer wedding here and am now so glad I didn't buy it full price. Though somehow online I still can only find it full price. As it is with shiny new things I had to wear it straight away and paired it with my much loved H&M trench, the pink pom poms and my vintage Chinese tea basket with those fabulous fabric men. It's perfect whenever I go somewhere by myself, I always feel like I have company. Silent company, which is my favourite kind. They also look like they could take on anyone in a fight so I feel pretty well protected. 

PS: Please don't judge my hair, keeping the curly hair straight will be my lifelong struggle. I'm not sure why I moved from my wet home town to another wet city, my hair would be much more cooperative in somewhere like California. 

Dress: A.P.C (I cannot find the dress on sale online), Coat: H&M, Shoes: Asos, Bag: Vintage

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