Outfit // The Scolt Head

Dalston, where both Annie and I live, is full of good pubs and, possibly due to my Scottish fiancé, I love spending my weekends in them. Even though I'm not a big drinker, they'd probably be the thing I'd miss the most if I ever moved away from the UK. 

In Germany we don't have anything like it. Of course there are bars and 'Kneipen' but you usually don't see a big variety of people in them, everyone is sort of the same. Here, we go to the pub with children or parents and grandparents. Everyone mixes, no matter the age or income and I think that's very unique. As soon as someone's parents come to visit, we'll take them to the pub with all of our friends and I just couldn't think of that happening in Germany. Most of the pubs are also so comfy (especially if they have a fire place) that you can easily spend a whole day in them. There are the odd weekends where we'd go to the pub at 2pm and stay there until midnight and if you'd add a morning at Broadway Market to the mix, that'd be my perfect day. 

The pub you can see on the photo, The Scolt Head, is actually where Iain and I had our first date over five years ago so it'll always be one of my favourite ones. This time I didn't go with him though but with Annie. Iain would never go there with me in my pom pom shoes. Annie is much more tolerant of weird footwear. And, you see, even pregnant women don't look out of place in a pub... We just came to enjoy the sun in their little garden and to have a few (non-alcoholic) drinks. 

Coat: H&M, Jumper: Zara, Trousers: Weekday, Shoes: Asos, Bag: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban