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Outfit // In loving memory of the summer

As it is technically summer, I refuse to post any non-summery outfits taken in the continuously wet streets of London these days.

After spending six months complaining about winter and the cold grey days, I was really looking forward to complaining about the heat and the impossibility to wear anything but a bikini outside for a while. But no, I still have to moan about the grey wet days and how bad this weather is for my usually curly and frizzy hair (not complaining is not an option by the way). I still take my wool scarf with me everywhere to wrap it over my head when it rains. Which is always of course. 

But enough with the dark grey mood, I thought I'd share with you an outfit of sunnier happier days. This is the perfect summer outfit. One-shoulder top (in case you're tired of all the completely off-shoulder pieces), perfect summer skirt, big hat to hide from the sun or conceal the aftermath of all those 'sex on the beach' cocktails with and my favourite sandals for this summer. Found the bag in an interior shop sale in Hamburg and I cannot help but wonder if that is where Mansur Gavriel found inspiration for their new bags too.

Top:H&M, Skirt: Lisa Marie Fernandez,  Hat: H&M, Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals

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