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Outfit // Wedding Dress

It's been five weeks since I got married and I realise that I have not been sharing much about it. 

I will tell you more about it over the course of this week and also be much more regular with the blog again. Sometimes it's nice to have a little break from all things fashion, online and narcissistic and as much as I needed that break I am very excited to be filling these pages again. There are some exciting new things happening on here too so stay tuned. 

But now let's talk about the dress. THE dress. My wedding dress. I found it at Charlie Brear, it is actually three pieces, a long dress, a tulle skirt and a belt. Their London showroom was the first bridal shop I ever visited and it was the perfect start. I only took my mum with me, I didn't want too many opinions and I thought this would create such lovely memories for us together. It really did. It was, very unexpectedly actually, one of the best days of my life. When you go there, you walk through a little enchanted garden and into a relaxed showroom full of beautiful new and vintage dresses. I loved their mix and match approach, it makes you feel like you're really creating something that suits you and your body, something that's a bit more unique. I fell in love with my wedding dress, the long strings really sold it to me, so we made an appointment for the next morning to try it on again. I had a Pinterest board full of wedding dress inspiration that all looked very different to the one I ended up choosing. 

From their showroom we went to Temperley, where surprisingly I didn't really like any dress enough to try it on but since we made an appointment I just chose the five I minded the least and tried those. It was still fun. Then we went on to the last shop, Browns Bride. That is where all the couture designer dresses are to be found. I really liked a Reem Akra dress there but when I looked back at the photos, it didn't look as nice as it did in the mirror and it was pretty pricey as you can imagine. I tried on some ridiculous big beautiful dresses I would never want to get married in but it was so fun trying them on. When I looked back at the images that evening, the Charlie Brear one really stood out. And it fit perfectly in the Tuscan garden setting, it wasn't too much dress for the heat and it didn't 'wear me'. After we ordered it the next day my mum and I went past Matches Fashion and I found those beautiful Stella McCartney earrings. I only wore flowers in my hair during the day (inspired by numerous Dolce & Gabbana shows, we were in Italy after all) and at night I wore a headpiece by Christie Nicolaides. I also wore flat golden sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, I always really liked long dresses with flat shoes and I wanted to feel comfortable all day. Now I just really need an opportunity to wear my dress again!

Getting ready

I got ready in a dress and robe by Marjolaine and those amazing slippers my friend Chloe gave to me. I was so relaxed and happy all morning, the only stressful moment was when the florist brought in the flower crowns and they were completely and utterly not what I had asked for. We couldn't use the one meant for me but fixed the bridesmaids ones just in time and improvised with mine. 

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The wedding dress

Dress, skirt and belt are by Charlie Brear, earrings by Stella McCartney and shoes by Ancient Greek Sandals. In the background of the first image you can see my silicon boobs. They did not stay on as I was sweating too much during the ceremony and I took them out just after and went braless. There are a few photos immediately after the ceremony where they had slipped down a little and it looks like my boobs are about the same height as my belly button. 

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The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids all wore different floral maxi dresses and I love how colourful they all looked. Our niece was our flower girl and wore a dress and shoes from Zara. I found her basket on Etsy. 

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My 5 wedding dress shopping tips

1. Think about what your dress priorities are

My number one priority was a dress that would allow my belly to get bloated from all the pasta and gelato and not draw too much attention to that. As it was I somehow forgot to eat most of the delicious food but I was still glad I didn't have to worry about sucking in my belly. 

2. Don't take too many people 

And make sure you value the opinions of the ones you take. And don't forget that it really is only you that needs to love the dress. You will also be taken more seriously if you don't look like you just took your wedding party to have a fun day trying on dresses and drinking champagne. I didn't actually have any, I needed to keep a clear head. 

3. Take images

They won't want you to take any at most places but if they feel like you are being serious about buying a dress, they will usually let you. It really helped me to look back at them and see which ones did not flatter me at all on camera. 

4. Do an underwear trial

I was told to do that but could not be bothered so I ended up without a bra. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to trial the underwear. 

5. Be open minded to try different things

I actually first discarded my wedding dress as I found the V-neck too deep, I was too used to covering up in my tent-like outfits that this felt too revealing. It took my mum and Mandi, our amazing Charlie Brear lady, to make me see that it's a good cut for me and I will now look for more V-neck stuff. 

All images by my wonderful friend Eli Ohren