Pan & The Dream and tulle socks

I really didn't think I'd ever lust after nude calf-high stockings but Pan & The Dream have made the seemingly impossible possible.

Calf-high stockings sound like something not even a grandma should wear and it brings back memories of a teacher who always wore nude stockings that showed her very hairy legs underneath. But make them out of tulle and wear them wrinkled and not skin tight and they are a completely different thing. I once saw someone wear these in black on a street style photo and tried to find socks like these. Impossible of course until I found out that they were made by Pan & The Dream. All the socks are handmade in New York and they can even customise colours or do variations of existing styles. They do come with a price ($65 for a pair and $15 shipping) but then again they aren't just any old socks, they are a fashion accessory that can transform a look. I'm feeding my piggy bank, I need some time to decide on a colour anyway. Have a look at all of them here, their Instagram is also well worth a visit. 

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All images: Pan & The Dream

By Jasmin