Vanessa Beecroft, fashion's favourite artist, teams up with Vogue Ukraine to create magic

Once a year Vogue Ukraine releases its Art Issue and after last year's collaboration with Marina Abramovic, this year they worked with Italian performance artist and fashion scene darling Vanessa Beecroft creating one of my favourite magazine covers ever.

In her performance pieces, Vanessa Beecroft explores society's view of the female body. Known for her nude body sculptures, the models, her 'army of women', either wear high fashion or nothing at all and usually look numb and aloof. Her collaborations with the fashion world go way back, in 1998 her models wore Gucci bikinis and mules, designed by Tom Ford, for a show at the Guggenheim. The make up was done by Pat McGrath, the world's most influential make up artist. The art critics weren't as enthusiastic as the fashion world, one calling the show 'Hooters for intellectuals' but Beecroft has made an incredible career since then. In 2002 she collaborated with Helmut Lang and in 2007 staged a performance in a Korean department store with models wearing Maison Martin Margiela. Her biggest fan though is probably Kanye West, who worked with her on several projects, the latest one being the presentation for his Adidas Fall 2015 collection which was inspired by her piece VB55. He even exhibited her sculptures at his wedding to Kim Kardashian. And if you've seen Solange Knowles' wedding images, they were inspred by Vanesso Beecroft's aesthetic.

For Vogue Ukraine she, together with fashion editor Olga Yanul, created an incredible fashion story combining Valentino couture, her marble sculptures and semi-nude models. I always love when fashion and art come together like this and the different coloured marbles in combination with the Valentino pieces are just so fitting and create a story that is timeless and fascinating. If you would like to read more about this collaboration, I can highly recommend this interview on Style.com with both ladies.


Images: Vogue Ukraine