Who wants an 'It Bag' when you can have a basket?!

A few years ago I did a personality test (trying to figure out what to do with my life after quitting my first 'adult' job) and found out that I apparently am a 'Creator'. 

It was actually really good, I learned quite a lot about myself. For example that it's a normal personality trait of the 'Creator' to get bored really easily, we always have to quickly move on to the next project, sticking with something is nearly impossible. Suddenly it made so much sense that I had a different idea about what to do with my life every day. And every day I was completely convinced that that was what I was going to do until the next day came and with it the next idea. I thought about upholstery, any kind of design, curating, painting, a wedding website, a blog, anything. The only things that I somehow never get bored of and never want to move on from are London and my fiancé. 

The kind of feeling of moving on is not exclusive to my work life though, it applies to anything visual as well. Which is why I just don't get the whole 'It Bag' thing. The thought of buying something that you have already seen hundreds of times on Instagram and other girls in the street baffles me. Of course I also like the look of the Chloe bags when they first come out. They are beautiful. But give it a week and the placement on every top Instagrammers shoulder and I am done with it. They bore me. They have nothing new to tell and often make the wearers seem unimaginative. And surely that's what it's all about when inspiring thousands or millions of followers: being inspirational. Creative. Not like everyone else. 

Well, I will stop this rant and concentrate instead on the bags that will enhance any outfit: Baskets. Though they can be found in many a designer's collection these days and for any price (like this wicker box by Dolce and Gabbana for the price of a small car or this pricey basket by Edie Parker), the best baskets in my opinion are waiting on Etsy, are below £50 and often vintage. As Jane Birkin and Reformation show, they go with any outfit, from winter coat, to mini skirt to evening gown. To save you time I have had a look through 44 pages of baskets and curated my favourite ones below. It took a lot of strength not to buy them all. I did buy one so far though and have three more in my shopping basket, so if you like one of them don't hesitate for too long as most of them are one ofs. As always, click on the grey corner to be directed to the basket of your dreams. 

By Jasmin

Basket Inspiration

Jane Birkin Basket Rex
Rdu Jour Jane Birkin Style Jane Birkin Basket Handbag Jane Birkin Fashion Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourg Style 8

The Ultimate Etsy Basket Selection

Cover images: Reformation and Phil Oh for Vogue