Wish List // A Tuscan Weekend

I'm going to Tuscany early tomorrow for a long weekend and though the weather isn't supposed to be as nice as I was hoping, I'm going to pretend it's full on spring over there. No coats, no jackets, no socks or tights.

The husband-to-be and I are going to visit our wedding location one more time before the actual wedding weekend and apart from some boring things we'll have to do and figure out, we'll also be tasting and choosing wine, eat lots of pasta and ice cream and hopefully we'll be doing all that with the sun shining onto us. I can't wait for a weekend of bare shoulders and feet. Which is why I wish I was wearing this outfit on the trip. Comfortable enough for all our running around but chic enough for elegant Tuscany. I also love paperbag waist trousers, they are wide enough on my unloved thighs but don't make me look like I'm wearing my big brother's clothes with the slim waist. And how beautiful are those slightly rose-tinted glasses?! Perfect colour for a pre-wedding trip...

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By Jasmin