Get the "no make up" look.

I am not one of those who gladly leave the house without any make up. But I like to pretend I am... And what I am good at though, is leaving the house looking like I am not wearing any make up. (Mohaha) I will show you my routine on how to get the "no make up look" in a few easy steps. 

By Annie

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How to get that fresh, glowy skin

After a rough winter, the skin often tends to look a bit tired, which again might leave you feel even more tired. I wanted to show you some of my favourite beauty products I use to fresh up and leave my skin more glowy and happy.

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Beauty // For more glitter on our faces

Glitter is back. I know I know, we've seen plenty of it on shoes lately, but on the face? I don't think so. That might have to do with the bad reputation face glitter has once we grow out of the phase where we think that glittery butterflies all over our faces are the epitome of cool and chic. I have never quite grown out of that phase and therefor it only makes sense that I make a case here for more face glitter on the streets.

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Mission: Getting the body ready for spring

Every winter I commit the same error, which is, apart from shaving, the total neglect of my body. My legs will only see body lotion if they get so itchy that it starts to annoy me. The rest will likely not get any moisturising. It is shameful. So come spring I desperately try to compensate what I have done to my body during those long Winter months. I call it Mission Spring Body and that mission starts now.

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My 3 favourite beauty looks from NY, London and Milan

It's not just about fashion during fashion week, often the beauty looks are just as interesting. Even for me and I am usually very lazy with my beauty routine. Looking at my 3 beauty highlights from the fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan one thing becomes clear: I'm obviously liking a red lip. All of my favourite looks feature a strong red lip with either a 40's, 60's or 90's vibe.

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