Interior: Feeling blue

There is something very calming and relaxing about the colour blue. Not to mention beautiful! I would love to paint some of our rooms blue when me and my boyfriend at one point buy an apartment. 

By Annie

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Interior: In the mood for pink

The beginning of spring is probably the time where most people think about exciting new home projects. We have finally agreed that our (hideous) cushions have to go. 

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Woohoo I finally found beautiful storage baskets

Living in a flat in London with no storage space can be very annoying, especially when you're a girl with many things like me. But then again, if I did have enough storage space in form of a basement or the like, I would have no use for these pretty baskets. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

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Interior // A Wishlist for my Home

When we were in Morocco, we bought a new beautiful rug that really doesn't go with the cushions on the sofa. That's fine. I never liked them. So I had a look for new, fitting ones and during that process found a few other things that are very high on my home wishlist now. How long until Christmas again?

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Home Wishlist // Succulents

I wonder if I only like succulents as much because I always forget to water plants and so my subconscious makes me think that I love them. Just to protect me. And the plants. Anything more high maintenance would sooner or later (definitely sooner) die.

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